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My All Time Christmas and Holiday Books for Kids

My All Time Christmas and Holiday Books for Kids

Holiday Collection of 5 children's books for the Family

Holiday Collection of 5 children’s books for the Family

Would definitely be my personal favorites  as well as books I’ve told my kids while they were little . It’s Holiday Time !    What better way to relax and unwind with a good book  ….  simultaneously having a fun family time .

Books make perfect gifts . Holiday Books become life-long traditions and if it’s a family ritual , one can pass it on from generation to generation . We watch the delight and sheer excitement on children’s faces when they unwrap their presents on Christmas morning ; but giving the gift of a book is something so special that will have a lasting effect they can come back to again and again .

With so many books to choose from it could be quite a daunting task  –  hence the article refining your search for the ideal or perfect story . How about a Personalized Book in which your child become the star of the story – makes a great gift and lifelong cherished keepsakes .  Also check out Seasonal / Holiday Books for Kids for more ideas .Capture the essence of Christmas evoking much excitement , helping kids  understand why we celebrate Christmas . Books that instill moral values and teach kids the love of gifting at this magical time of the year .

I’ve compiled My All Time Christmas Books for Kids that have stood the test of time ; From timeless to newer reads  . Admittedly , these are my personal favorites and hopefully  you’ll find a magical story you are looking for . I will be updating this article timeously adding more books to my Christmas / Holiday collection .  What are your favorites ? Feel free to add them in the comments section .

Happy Reading and Happy Holidays !

Here’s my list of books  :

The Polar Bear Express The Polar Bear Express by Chris Van Allsburg

The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg is a World Wide bestseller and classic . In 1986 The Polar Bear Express was awarded the prestigious Caldecot Medal . A book that has never lost its magic . This is a book worth owning ; a timeless masterpiece  kids will cherish . A little boy wakes up on Christmas Eve by a train whistle . The train takes him to the North Pole . Santa chose him to have the first Christmas gift . All he wants was one of Santa’s bells off his sleigh . He is so happy but there’s a hole in his pocket , losing the bell . A heart warming story not to be missed . Ages 5+ .

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seus

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Seus , Dr, is a classic Christmas tale . Kids love Dr. Seus books and this one is no exception . This is a great book with beautiful illustrations , rhymes and silly language . The Grinch plots to steal Christmas  but comes to understand the true meaning of the the day . This book is a treasure . Enjoyable at Christmas or all year round . Ages 5-9 .




The Little Match Girl  The Little Match Girl Anderson , Hans Christian is a book that affected me profoundly . A classic story of a girl who is alone , poor , hungry and cold  . She is afraid to go home because she has not sold any matches . She’s out in the freezing cold ; she lights the matches to keep her warm . She saw several images as she lights each match , the last image a beautiful Christmas tree . Ends on a positive note when she left to be in heaven with her grandmother . Evoke feelings of empathy and compassion . Sad but touching story .


The Snowman

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs in wordless format , illustrated in full color .Beautiful Illustrations depicting the essence of the story . A child will have no problem ” reading ” the story as it will allow the imagination to take off .

A beautiful and heartwarming story . Suitable from kindergarten to all ages .



Olivia Helps with Christmas

Olivia Helps with Christmas Falconer , Ian

Olivia Helps with Christmas Falconer , Ian

Olivia is a favorite and this one is no exception . Olivia is as usual getting herself into trouble as she helps to prepare for Christmas . This is a great book as a Christmas gift . Ian Falconer’s illustrations are witty  , wonderful and vibrant  . This is a board book depicting themes of Christmas and family life



Bear Stays Up for Christmas

Bear Stays Up for Christmas

Bear Stays Up for Christmas Wilson , Karma

This one is a must if  your child loved Bear Snores On  . Bear want to sleep through  Christmas , his friends Mouse , Badge , Hare , Raven , Mole and the rest of them try to get him to stay up for Christmas . Illustrations and rhymes are wonderful . Depicts friendship and family life . Another excellent Bear story . A sure winner !



Dream Snow by Eric Carle

Dream Snow by Eric Carle

Dream Snow Carle , Eric

This is an excellent book for a young child . Eric Carle introduces the Farmer and his farm animals , named as  ” The Tree”  .  It’s almost Christmas and it hasn’t snowed yet but the Farmer ( Santa ) comes up with a plan to transform it into a magical Christmas for everyone .  Lots of areas of learning , counting etc . Buy this with Eric Carle’s Dream Snow Pop-up Calendar both interactive books your child will love .

The Year of The Perfect Christmas Tree

The Year of The Perfect Christmas Tree Houston , Gloria

The Year of The Perfect Christmas Tree Houston , Gloria

A heartwarming story set in the Appalachian Mountains  . This is a gem of a book and masterfully written . The illustrator , Barbara Cooney , two-time Caldecott Medal winner , capture the mood of the story perfectly . This is a book of substance not to be missed . It teaches the value of family life and so much more . An excellent book for teachers and read-aloud for all ages  . Miracles happen because of the love we give to one another . Touching story written with compassion . A perfect gift to read again and again .


A Wish To Be A Christmas Tree

A Wish To Be A Christmas Tree Monroe , Colleen

A Wish To Be A Christmas Tree by Colleen Monroe

This heartwarming story is one of my favorites and has become a family ritual . It has an important message and portrays the true meaning of Christmas , goodness and generosity . A Christmas tree feels sad but his friends help him to feel special again . Keep the tissues at hand while reading this book .  Exquisite illustrations compliment the text . This is sure to be another winner !


Snowmen At Christmas

Snowmen At Christmas by Caralyn Buehner

Snowmen At Christmas by Caralyn Buehner

A great read-aloud book . You’ll see the delight in your child’s eyes while you read this book . Captivating story children love  and they get to check out the hidden pictures inside each illustration . Rhyming text and amazing artwork . Spend good quality time reading this gem and building a snowman . Another addition to all Christmas treasures. This book is a sequel to Snowmen At Night


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